I began to be interested in spirituality back in 1985—two years before my graduation as a doctor of law, and started with studying and using the Tarot de Marseille for divination. I was consulting family and friends and was always glad when I could see that my advice helped them cope with difficult situations.

As my interest in art, music and the occult sciences, as well as psychology and psychoanalysis by far prevailed my interest in the law, I abandoned the law profession and became a life consultant.

In 1996, I started to study the I Ching and finally published my own I Ching interpretation in 2014/2015 with Createspace/Amazon alongside 49 other books that are all available on Scribd.com for download.

I am also familiar with astrology, not for divination purposes, but for character analysis and for consulting parents to discover the gifts and talents of their children. This service helps parenting for developing the hidden potential of children and the areas in which they naturally excel and need to being helped and sustained with encouragement and joy.

In 1991, I became familiar with the spiritual teaching of Dr. Joseph Murphy and healed myself and the mess of my life at the time with prayers from his books. Below is a link to my site about The Legacy of Dr. Joseph Murphy and his incredibly useful teaching of inspirational prayer.

In recent years, I have started to consult people on the lines of Dr. Murphy’s legacy of inspirational prayer, and they more and more ask me for prayers, as you see in the comment section of my About page on Dr. Murphy, equally referenced below.

The Inspirational Blog is the realization of this journey. I am dedicated to helping you succeed in leading a happy and prosperous life and solve any and all of your problems by using inspirational prayer for your advancement in life.