Learning Portuguese

Learning Portuguese is a priority for me now. This language somehow resonates deeply with me. The learning experience is unlike any other language I have been learning over the last five years or so. This may also be due to the couse itself, Assimil ‘Le Portugais Sans Peine,’ which is in my view the best of all Assimil courses, very well-done, with excellent narration and lots of humor interspersed. (The humor is well-placed given that some grammatical features such as the conditional and the future tense are quite unusual and require lots of repetition.

Published by Dr. Peter Fritz Walter

While having a doctoral degree in law, and was trained as an international lawyer, my interest is focused upon the humanities, education, holistic science, philosophy, and the propagation of a systemic, holistic and ecological worldview. In October 1998 I established Sirius-C Media Galaxy LLC in Delaware, USA, which functions as my company for publishing and media production. From 2018 I specialized on producing life-improving media and web presences for self-development.

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