Validating Aggressiveness in Education

We are living in a world where more and more parents are fed up with the limitations and the left-brain bias of our school systems around the world.

I have had contacts with highly intelligent people from the upper class of Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany and France during the two years of my involvement with Krishnamurti and his schools in UK, USA and India. That was back in 1985 when I was two years before my graduation as a doctor of law. I had no idea at that time what the requirements of a good education are but I heard from those people what they thought about it. Most of them were in the age of being grandparents so they also told me the direct feedback on school from the side of their adult children.

They were angry, superbly angry, I wish to say, in a total revolt against it all. And then I started working in that project for supervising the homework of children in a project equally created by upper-class families in Lausanne, who were just as revolted as those in our Krishnamurti circle. And I understood why they liked me so much as an educator.

It was very hard work, very ungratifying work, and very badly paid work, but ultimately was giving me satisfaction on an emotional level, giving me the feeling that I was after all useful to society. Which I am no more since 17 years and this is the crux of my present life, which I want to change this year! For I know from this experience that nothing is more important than being useful in life, and no money can pay you the rotten feelings of being a nuisance and being useless socially.

So don’t make down the fact that I am explicit here about the revolt I myself went through when becoming an educator and leaving the intellectual ivory tower I was in through my law studies that were imposed on me by my mother for I was never addicted to intellectualism. My mother was neither, she was addicted to dominating me and getting that fucking diploma to hang up in her office! There is not one intellectual to be found in our family, not one writer, not one artist, fucking bourgeoisie, German Bürgertum.

Of course, parents like mine would never read that brochure. They were busy with handling their own fucking lives, having no time and no energy left for caring really about their gifted child, and with all self-righteousness affirming their need for self-absorption.

The right parents that I want to attract into this project are the ones who care about the little critter, while they may not have the time in their busy lives to do that education themselves. But they want it, and they want to pay for it. That is the people I want in my life and who will validate my talent for education, and my achievements.

A video interview with Jack Ma, the great Chinese entrepreneur and founder of Alibaba, enlightend me recently. And guess what, I was impressed not about his positive qualities but about his main quality that is judged negatively in our Western culture: his aggressiveness. He is boldly, outright, and shamelessly aggressive in all the way he handles relationships, in the way he trains his staff, and even when he gives interviews in the USA. He is a bold male forward-looking Chinese who cares about nothing but himself and his success.

I am the contrary, the shy, introvert artistic and sensible gentle guy who never wants to offend but was judged as an offender with three years of prison fine. See that!

This fucking sadistic-masochistic paradigm that was the basis of our education is our fucking Christian root, and a Jack Ma is free of that. And we can learn from him that aggressiveness is not violence, it is forward-goingness.

And in this sense, any valid whole-brain and non-fragmented educational approach must first of all preserve the natural aggressiveness of the child!

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