Fortune Telling in Asia

Fortune tellers are seriously considered in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and I know, also in Malaysia and Singapore, as business consultants. Thus they do have a reputation. Compare that with the folks on USA-based Internet whose rosy glow shows all their imbecility.

Why is that so?

Believe it or not, before the advent of the Christian Church, the situation was exactly the same in the West as you find it in China today. These people really had a reputation and they had true knowledge.

It was the Church that destroyed it all, including the reputation and the true knowledge, through their endless witch hunts.

That is why the Church is responsible for our Western loss of knowledge, not just in these areas, but also in natural anti-conception, natural abortion, natural healing with plants and herbal tinctures, and a plethora of other uses of their incredible pharmaceutical and psychological knowledge.

Paracelsus was one of them who survived the Inquisition. Fortunately so, for otherwise we would barely know anything about the true wisdom of the Middle-Ages.

To say that this knowledge was primarily female knowledge and these wisdom traditions were guarded by females, fore and foremost. And the Christian hatred of the ‘Goddess’ has its roots in large-scale patriarchal machismo which led to the burning of witches (and their male counterparts called ‘sorcerers.’)

The Chinese have a much greater respect for the female and female wisdom as this was ever the case in the West. Richard Tarnas clearly concludes his book ‘The Passion of the Western Mind’ with the Epilogue in which he points out that last not least, the while of Western philosophy was until recently the story of male hubris, and patriarchal dominance of the female in her dimensions.

The Chinese have never reached and will never reach this level of life-denying stupidity, and in this contextual framework, I am truly a Chinese, not a European.

Chinese fortune telling is a mix of old practices, quite incomprehensible for Western people. Let me read the article first. Many of those fortune tellers are actually paranormally gifted and can see the aura. Some use a projection system like palmistry, some draw into the sand (many of them walk the beaches in touristic places). See my short story Yami, where Kenny, Dendra and Yami meet a Chinese fortune teller at a beach in Pattaya, Thailand.

See one of the most important methods a fortune teller uses, a method that I myself use. It is face reading (面相). This is the interpretation of facial features of the nose, eyes, mouth and other criteria within one’s face and the conversion of those criteria into predictions for the future. This usually covers one phase of the client’s life, and reveals the type of luck associated with a certain age range. A positions map also refers to different points on the face. This represents the person’s luck at different ages. The upper region of the face represents youth, the middle region of the face represents middle age, and the lower region of the face represents old age.

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