Gecko Shit

There is bull shit and there is gecko shit. I know about the latter because I live in South-East Asia since more than 20 years.

What is the difference?

It is all in the smell of it. Bull shit has a grassy smell, and is associated with stupidity. Gecko shit has a fragrant smell, a little bit grassy but so fragrant that it comes over as the smell of incense. And it is associated with magic and spirituality.

This may give you an idea of the holy nature of the gecko here in Asia. No one in his or her sound mind here would kill a gecko; actually Asians believe it brings bad luck to kill them.

Needless to say I have never touched one.

It is so poetic! In the evening, after sunset, when you hear their twittering, you know that shit is not far and later you see it manifests as a little bit of oblong black shit and a tiny point of white shit close to it, on the floor of your villa.

And the whole house will be filled with the fragrance, and agreeably so, at least for me. And this was a daily experience in my villa in Ubud, Bali, for I had a big gecko there called tokaek, and the locals find it brings good luck. Actually the owner of the house was a Mangku, a Balinese priest.

Now you may be wondering what shit has to do with self-development and an inspirational blog, or with spirituality? I think it has to do a lot with self-acceptance, and this was, as you may have noticed, the tenor of my last three blog entries.

We all produce shit. We all are digestive tubes just like bacteria with the only difference that with bacteria, you can see their digestive processes under a microscope in minute detail, while you cannot see through the human skin. This is really the only difference.

So if you do not accept your shit, how you can accept your godly nature? This all boils down to the question: ‘Are you ready to be totally incarnated in a body, or are you a flying Peter Pan narcissist who is unable to accept to fully incarnate in a human body?’

By now, you should realize that I am not joking. I am talking Tacheles with you, as we say in Germany. I am just to the point. If you do not accept that you are a digestive tube and that you need a sex life, you are flying in the air, you are a disincarnate spirit, a ghost, and you are at the borderline of mental sanity. While you may think of yourself as a very good person and very ‘religious.’

Let me take you by your shoulders and shake you a little bit, if you allow me to! I have a message for you. You are acceptable being a human, and you do not reasonably want to be an angel for in the spiritual hierarchy—did you know?—humans are higher than angels.

So then, I can stop here, for I do not want to disgust you with talking about shit.


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