Be Yourself!

You want to be like this great actor/actress, that famous novelist, pianist, or movie star? What about being yourself? Do you think, ‘Oh who am I to be so important? I am not famous and my life is dull and stupid.’

Do you know what such inner dialogue leads to? You disempower yourself. That famous person was once not a famous person. And what is fame? Is that really important? For some it comes, for many not. That’s life. It is a volatile condition, so volatile that great sages like Lao-tzu, or stoic philosophers like Marcus Aurelius wrote in their books that it’s not worth striving after it.

Striving brings strife. Strife means stress. Stress means imbalance. Imbalance means sickness. Sickness means disease (dis-ease). Marcus Aurelius was a Roman Emperor and thus a person of great fame at his time. And yet, he said that. It is very well possible that he had not been striving to be or become the first man in the Republic. Life got him there, for reasons that are too complex to find out.

And you are important enough not to need fame. What do I mean? You should be important enough to yourself so that the greater You in you gets a voice and begins to express itself. It expresses the godlike wisdom and power within you as a soul being. And when that happens, your life stops being dull and routinely because you have set aside the mechanistic view of life, and then your life becomes magic. Then meaningful coincidences begin to happen on a daily basis, attracting to you all you need for realizing the greater vision of Life within you, which is the vision of your Higher Self, the Godself within you.

Start by taking your inner life serious, note your dreams, keep a day journal or diary, and make sure you write down each and every creative idea you have. They mostly come in moments of relaxation, when you are under the shower or you eat your meal—but then hurry to take a note in your journal, describe the idea with a few keywords and finalize the whole text after you are finished with your meal or back from your bathroom.

The inner life is the real life. Our circumstances have no influence upon your destiny, the way our life takes in the outer world. The prime mover is within. The inner determines the outer, for as it is above, so it is below. As it is within so it is without. Begin to think constructive thoughts, peaceful thoughts, creative thoughts, and thoughts that confirm your godlike nature.

In other words, begin to accept yourself and heal your narcissistic wounding. Become the parent of your inner child, become tolerant and patient with yourself, stop criticizing yourself, stop disempowering yourself, and you will see what a fantastic turn for the better your life will take.

And through meaningful coincidences and encounters you will attract good to you, the good that you deserve and that will transform your life into a wonderful unending journey of discovery!

Do not ponder and contemplate your problems! What you give attention to gets stronger. You do not want your problems become bigger, you want them to entirely disappear. So withdraw your attention from them as much as you can, and begin to contemplate your true desires, what you really need and want in life, be it materially, be it immaterially. You need the best food you can get, a wonderful and peaceful home in a secure and well-kept neighborhood, all the money you need for traveling and seeing the wonders of the world. You want a stable and loving partner, so you can make a list of characteristics this ideal soul mate should have, and you can contemplate this list and figure that person in your mind, using mental imagery. See this person coming alive in front of your mental eyes, and see him or her around you, inspiring you, lifting you up, being a best friend and best spouse in one person, and so forth.

Start by formulating simple positive affirmations as you find them on this site as well as on the following sites of mine (referenced below). Use them like a mantra to lull yourself into sleep with at night and after waking up, in the morning, to make you fit for the day with positive thoughts and gentle emotions flowing through you. At the same time imagine the good you want to attract, sitting in that new car, feeling the steering wheel, inhaling the wonderful fragrance of the leather seats, and so forth. Imagine your ideal job, what you really want to do professionally, or that ideal home.

You are the only thinker in your universe, and you master your life by mastering your thoughts. It is as simple as that.



  1. I really understand you, my friend, I need to be myself, I’m the master of my life, your Blog is really inspirational, your words are so precious, you are a wise man as the late Dr.Murphy was, your Blog is the haven of everyone who seeks the true meaning of life and who believes in the power of self-realization and Subconscious Mind, it’s the road of every pure soul, thank you so much, really my friend…


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