Be Authentic!

Why do many people consider certain other people as ‘successes’ and themselves as ‘failures?’ Is it not a quite comfortable position to refuse responsibility for your life? You don’t need to make an effort, for you consider yourself anyway as being born on the wrong side of the street. So you got no chance, right?

And instead of leading your own life, you become a couch potato admiring those in the limelight, those in the spotlight of the rainbow press, those great ‘stars’ that you want to model, while you of course know that their success was not a chance event and that they have worked very hard for getting there—while you enjoy watching them, instead of building your own life, your own self.

I once coined the term ‘selfbuilding’ for it’s quite a proper expression for the fact that we are here for developing ourselves, for learning how to grow and how to express our higher nature. Whatever karma we brought with us when we were born, this karma can be worked against through doing the right things at the right time and being of service. Even the worst crime can be paid this way, with diligence and strength, without indulging in whining and self-pity.

You can also use the more traditional term ‘character.’ There is an old saying that character is destiny. The opposite—destiny is character—is equally true for destiny is built by character that acts on the scene of life. This means that in your outer life you embody your self, your higher identity and life’s purpose. Depending on your clarity and lucidity, you build a strong and impressive character, through having put in place values that guide your way upward and godward.

When we talk about building an identity, we talk about ‘authenticity.’ If you imitate famous stars, however deserving they are for your admiration, you are not serving yourself and your self-development. And you do not serve them either, for they do not want admiration; if they have built their character, and are leading authentic lives, they will want you to see the process of their way up to fame. It is a process that usually goes over several years or even decades, and often involves long hours of dedicated work, and even sacrifice.

It is not by chance events or winning the lottery that great people make out a true place for themselves in the scheme of existence. It is through diligently building their character over time, and get to a clear vision of their greater good, and of their soul’s desires.

Have you observed that small children tend to be authentic, and the older they grow, the more they are losing that blessing of an authentic self? It is through a life-denying, moralistic and suffocating education that children lose the one great blessing that is independent of the status, financial or social, of their parents. And to this day, we have not really revolutionized education so that children can grow into more instead of less authenticity.

What is bred by mainstream education is not the self-thinker, but the conformer, not the leader, but the follower. And you see this very clearly painted on the wall of life when you see the boredom of most adolescents, their self-alienation, and their lack of motivation, sometimes manifesting as total apathy. This attitude says ‘no’ to society for they feel neglected and let alone by their caretakers who want them to be well-integrated citizens, not people in their own right who got a mission and a vision. This is the reason of the ‘star cult’ that so many adolescents practice, worshipping their great media heroes, singers, dancers, actors.

The key word here is ‘individuation.’ It is a process that starts in childhood and goes on for a lifetime. Only individuation that is built on self-knowledge can be functional. Self-knowledge, however, is the last thing you find valued in mainstream education. And in that magic word, individuation, we got another important word: ‘individuum.’ And individuum or individual is a person who is ‘in-dividus’ which comes from Latin and means: non-fragmented, and whole. Our education fragments our children and that goes against all life wisdom and should be changed in the near future.

But now we are here, and we see our misery, as I saw it in my own life from my age 40, not earlier. It was only from that age that I became interested in inspirational and self-motivating literature, and started to know myself, and get on a totally new track.

So the good news is that you can reverse this process if you have enough willpower to get on a new track, and if you work with the help of your subconscious mind. Through positive affirmations you can remodel yourself, you can cleanse yourself of false information and incorrect perception, or a distorted self-image. You can build a new self-image, and begin to be original, a co-creator with God of your path of life, and seeing that deep down within yourself there is buried an untouched split part of your soul that needs to be reborn. Find for example the books of Dr. Joseph Murphy reviewed and quoted on my site ‘The Legacy of Dr. Joseph Murphy.’

The Legacy of Dr. Joseph Murphy

You can reincarnate this lost soul part by diligently expanding yourself not outwardly but inwardly, by recognizing your divine nature and by leading a conscious life from inside out so that your entire soul is built into your self-expression, and over time a new character is born, the character of a self-sufficient person, a self-thinker, the actor of his own life script, and the king over his own kingdom!

Once you have built this sharpness of perception, you will need no media to lull you into comfortable self-forgetfulness, and you will see that the media are that way because of political correctness. The less you are mainstream, the more authentic you get, the less you consume, the more you are nourished by your inner life, the less you admire others, the more you become yourself your best friend!


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