Your Body Heals Itself

My experience taught me that people who uncritically consult doctors and surgeons, and who are easily ready to undergo surgery, are often lacking essential knowledge about the self-healing capacity of the human body.

The mechanistic attitude of modern medicine toward disease, the fact that it considers all disease as a sort of ‘war’ of the bad guys (bacteria, viruses) against the good guys (red blood cells) shows its ignorance regarding the systemic setup of organic processes.

A human body is a system and systems are informing all parts; so there is no part in your body that does not know when you experience disease (dis-ease, lack of ease) and the body will immediately put forth the self-healing response. This is a holistic response of the entire body, while you in most cases are not aware of it.

Actually it can be argued that in systems there are no parts at all for the system itself has properties that the parts do not have. One of these properties is the capacity for self-healing. When you cut your finger, the body will immediately coagulate the blood around the wound and seal it so that no bacteria enter the body and no further blood oozes out. In a few days, you do not see the cut anymore.

A friend of mine recently broke his leg in the bathroom because of lacking attention and a slippery floor. I gave him this prayer to accelerate his healing process:

‘I was created perfectly and my body memory is active now to recreate my perfect condition. My bones, tissues and ligaments all return to their original perfect condition. I decree myself to be healed here and now, and thank for the perfect life within me.’

I instructed him to repeat this prayer in the morning after waking up ten to twenty times in a calm and believing condition and that during the day he must avoid doubts or negative thoughts about the fact that the healing is accelerating now. In the evening, when he is sleepy, he should repeat the prayer again and lull himself into sleep with it. I explained to him that the prayer together with his strong belief in its truth will then impress his subconscious mind which is the true healing power in us.

In case of a broken leg, you need surgery in many cases. You can in such a case help the surgeon do the job by affirming that he or she is guided in their work by supreme wisdom and that all the procedure follows best medical practice.

You can also help your subconscious mind do its job by mentally picture yourself healed and radiant, walking normally again and having regained the full strength of your body.

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